Maintenance on your Kangen Water® machine is critically important for its function. It is designed to last for decades with proper care, but the plates can be ruined in months if you ignore maintenance. The quality of the machine when it arrived in your care was superior to all other machines on the planet, but now the QUALITY CARE IS UP TO YOU.

Enagic® recommends

DAILY – Run Beauty Water for 3-5 minutes.

OCCASIONALLY – Let the automatic cleaning system run when you see or hear the warning message “Notice of Cleaning”

MONTHLY – Clean with the E-Cleaner system

ONCE A YEAR – Have deep cleaning done

ALWAYS – run the cleaning cycle immediately after you make strong acid/strong kangen water
Read on for details on each of the above.


This step is so easy to do, and therefore, easy not to do. Don’t forget this daily maintenance step. Your diligence in this daily maintenance will pay off.

WHY? Because this procedure reverses the polarity on the different ionizing plates in your machine. During ionization, scale is attracted to the plates and forms a thin coating after a time. Reversing the polarity to the plates electrically “pushes” this scale material off the plates to keep them clean on a daily basis.

Simply push the button for Beauty Water or Acid Water and let the water run for 3-5 minutes.

You can collect this water or let it go down the drain. Beauty water has many valuable purposes. It’s the perfect pH to apply to skin and hair. You can rinse with it after your shower. After you’re dressed you can spritz it on your exposed skin periodically all day long.

One use many people don’t know about is that this water is also great for cleaning glass and floors.


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